Designing a new educational circular architecture, with a 360-degree educational workflow 

Greener Smarter Living has developed a new architectural geodome design aimed at industrial production and fast deployment. The industrial design minimizes the structural cost to build and to manufacture Geodome's applications. We name our first product: Greener Smarter Education. A new architectural envelope to boost creativity and motivation in the education process. The product can be exported globally and used by schools all over the world. We deliver worldwide including educational programmes for laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines a.o. other hardware, applications, and open source software. We have more than 5 years experience in operating Fab labs, Maker spaces and we focus on innovation, maker culture, rapid prototyping, and digital production technologies.

Measurement geodome structure: 8m (height) x 16m (diameter) weight app. 1.300 kg.

Surface, insulation and cover solutions, depending on client request and climate conditions.

Educational space ranging on interior design, areas from 200-350 sqm, suitable for groups of 25 persons.

Design: Goldberg icosahedral polyhedron (convex polyhedron made from hexagons and pentagons)

Geodome structure design using 400 m. impregnated structural side pressed Bamboo. Approved under EU regulations Biocidal Products BPR Regulation, Regulation (EU) 528/2012. Reaction to fire: Class D-s2-d0 (13501-1). Biological durability: Class1 (EN 350 / CEN / TS 159083-1). Use Class: Class 3 (EN 335) more technical details and specifications upon request. Warranty is 25 years from the date of build.

We have developed a new Quick-Lock Connector system for connecting structural Bamboo (80x36mm) beams. High precision CNC steel cut, for indefinite durability and fast assembly/disassembly of the geodome.

Greener Smarter Education product range can be delivered as a turn-key solution (ready-to-use), semi-finished building products assembled with local partners or as an Architectural design project using local materials and parts. Software models can be provided for Architects and manufacturers in Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Sketchup, Rhino and Fusion 360.

Package prices starting from USD 20.000 (geodome structure) to USD 200.000,- (including basic interior) ex. works


The carbon footprint for Bamboo is CO2 neutral or better, we kindly refer to the following report.


Designed and engineered in Copenhagen Denmark